Public Announcement


On July 1, 2012, after over fifty years of practice as a Psychiatrist in Illinois and elsewhere, Dr. Nelson Borelli stopped practicing medicine. After that date, Dr. Borelli no longer diagnosed or treated or prescribed treatment for any human ailment, disease, defect or condition. Dr. Borelli decided that he can better serve the public and be true to his principles by working as a “Life Analyst” (for lack of a better term) outside the confines of organized medicine.

Over the course of his former practice Dr. Borelli it became clearer to him that the people that consulted with him were not “mentally ill”. That the consultees either had medical problems with emotional symptoms or had ordinary life problems cause by poor management.  In his new role as a Life Analyst his assistance is not based on biology or medicine, but it is based on the study of the client’s ordinary decision making and life management techniques.

In his new role as coach, Dr. Borelli does not give advice on any medical matters. Former patients of his who may seek psychiatric and other medical services after July 1, 2012 are referred to an emergency, the nearest hospital.

As a Life Analyst, Dr. Nelson Borelli assist people seeking help in managing their personal lives. Rather than diagnosing and treating medical conditions, he identifies the blind spots in the assessment and management of the live of his clients. He does not tell people how to live their lives.

Life Analyst services is subjected to a written agreement between the client and Nelson Borelli. Discussions with clients are private. Life Analyst sessions are held in the strictest confidence.

Services are provided for a fee. No insurance benefits apply, are sought or accepted.