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In the “Introduction” section of this Web site, I express the basic concepts that some professionals, myself included, have about Mental Illness, Mental Health and Mental Treatments.
Every so often I stand on my soap box and speak out a piece of my mind in print or voice. I include below some samples of it with the hope that the pieces would help the reader to better understand my thinking.

Abolition Not ReformAlcoholism is not a disease
Alcoholism is voluntary behaviorAll life is sacred
Apples and orangesBad manners is not brain disease
BadnessBars for patients
Cartoon re medical testsChild Sexual Abuse
Choices, IllnessesCompulsory compassion
Corporate crimeEnron Denial
Factor in mass killingsHabit, not illness
Healthy approachHuman appetites
Human conduct is moral issueInformed consent
Injustice and behaviorChoices, Illnesses
Compulsory compassionCorporate crime
Enron DenialFactor in mass killings
Habit not IllnessHealthy Approach
Human appetitesHuman conduct is moral issue
Informed consentInjustice and behavior
Involuntary treatment 1Involuntary treatment 2
Judiciary activism is dangerousMisguided Policies
Nazi doctors treatmentObesity is not a disease
Overly DramaticPhysician-assisted suicide
PhsychobabblePsychology and Psychiatry
Spiritual illness v. Sensual sinStress benefits
Suicide is not a diseaseSurrealism
The Ethics of RhetoricThe insanity defense is harmful
Thomas SzaszVagrants are not necessarily mentally ill
More Moral TurpitudeThe Nuremburg Code
Blaming the Brain – the Chemical Imbalance Fraud(pdf file reader required, see below)

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